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Mushrooms are fungi rather plants. Mushrooms often grow near the base of trees, on trees, or around decaying trees. Some tree roots provide critical nutrients that help mushrooms grow while mushrooms help break down the fallen tree debris into nutrient rich soils.
When considering how to grow or find mushrooms, the mushroom picker must know which mushrooms are safely edible and which mushrooms are poisonous to humans if eaten. Hunting for edible mushroom is not a safe activity for children. Mushroom hunters need to use pictures and guidelines to distinguish mushrooms species.

Edible Mushrooms offer sources for minerals and nutrients since they absorb the minerals out of the soils. Cooks should carefully follow common rules for cooking each variety of edible mushroom. Some mushrooms can also be used to make a various colors of fabric dyes. For mushroom dye information on wikipedia, click here.

Edible Mushroom Species **

Harvest Period

Usage Notes

Bearded Tooth
Boletes with white or grey pores
Coral Fungi
Oyster Mushrooms
Shaggy Mane
Shaggy Parasol
Sulfur Shelf

Poisonous Mushroom Species ***

Toxic Symptoms

AmanitasPotentially Deadly if consumed
Boletes with red or orange pores
False MorelsDiarrhea, vomiting, headaches, Possible Death
Green-spored LepiotaSerious Stomach Pain and Digestion problems.
Jack-O'-LanternSerious Illness by toxin.
Little Brown MushroomsSome varieties can cause death by toxin.

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Wikipedia's List of Poisonous Mushrooms Confused for Edible Mushrooms

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