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Every parcel of land functions as home to the wildlife that live off the land. Plants convert solar energy into life energy through their sap, nectar, and seeds consumed by the insects. The insects and fruits become food for the birds and small critters. The larger animals forage either as herbivores or carnivores, feasting on the bounty of the land.

In the Seattle area, where I live, the land habitats range from alpine forests in the Cascade Mountains to the hills covered with alder trees and blackberry thickets, down to the lowland marshes, ponds, and creeks that flow under cottonwood trees.

We celebrate the animals as well as the people. We recognize that each species of wildlife uses the land resources to improve their own quality of life. Even small parcels of land are home to so much wildlife.

(1)Ants collect seeds and nesting materials from the tree debris that litters the ground.
(2)Squirrels collect nuts for food and sticks to build their nests.
(3)Birds nest in trees and feast on the tree fruits and fallen seeds.
(4)Deer snack on grasses as well as the fallen apples from my orchard.

This website contains many ideas to help land owners make good decisions to use their land to help themselves and other people. We hope that land owners will appreciate the animals that seek to live alongside them on their land and avoid using toxic weapons that eliminate wildlife that are important to other creatures for food or protection.

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